Heart of Worcestershire College Case Study

Worcestershire College Pop-Up shop

Heart of Worcestershire College have just ordered their second Pop-Up Shop to help give them more presence across multiple campuses. Neil Sullivan, HOW Senior Designer, explains how they use their shop at all their events, and always get comments from other exhibitors:

Q1. Where did you first see the Pop-Up Shop/Event Bar?

We saw one of our competitors had one and felt left out!


Q2. How do you use your branded Pop-Up Shop?

Basically at all events we go to where there is space to set it up!


Q3. How do you find setting it up and putting it down – and do you use it mainly inside or outside?

Mainly outside, but we have used it inside, once you get the hand of it setting up and taking down is easy.


Q4.You have just placed an order for a second shop, will you use them together?

Probably not, we ordered a second as we have multiple campuses and it means we can be in 2 places at the same time.


Q5. Would you recommend the Pop-Up Shop to our other customers? Why?

Yeah definitely, it stands out from miles away and always gets comments from other exhibitors.


Q6. How do you find our ordering process?

Perfect, speedy.


Q7. Will you order again?

If there is budget!

We like the quote ‘Perfect, speedy’! It’s been a pleasure doing business with you again.

See the Pop-Up Shop